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Fri Apr 2 16:42:37 UTC 2004

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>Now I understand what the problem is (what I've been 'missing')
>They want home directories on W2k servers accessible from linux computers.

>Mine are all done the other way around.  All workstations access the same 
>home directories on linux servers.


better is to use Samba/LDAP and make the home directory accessible to all
platforms....in my case both Windows and Linux (K12LTSP) use the same
exact home directory....I do have a seperate profiles directory for my
Windows roaming profiles, but the home directory is the same....makes it
nice since the kids can roam freely from computer to computer whether
Linux or WinXP....they start a doc using Lnux and OO...they can finish it
using XP and M$ Word....no hiccups.
>I have found that if the usernames are the same on both servers, then the 
>user can get access to both home directories using UNCs instead of drive 
>letters.  This is how our E.A.S.T. students access data from their home 
>directories on the linux server (Student's) from the E.A.S.T. lab (W2k),

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