[K12OSN] Per User Default Printer

Eric Feldhusen efeldhusen at chartermi.net
Fri Apr 2 17:44:58 UTC 2004

I have a K12LTSP 3.1.2 ts in operation in an elementary and what I'd 
like to do is have each user just have a default printer, that unless 
they're in OpenOffice and select a different printer, by default, it'll 
dump to a specific printer for that user. Each classroom has their own 
laser printer, and so if the kid jumps on a machine somewhere in the 
building, they'll know that their printout will be in their homeroom.

Suggestions? Any additional information needed?

Eric Feldhusen
Network Administrator for Adams, Chassell,
Dollar Bay, and Lake Linden Public Schools

email: eric at remc1.k12.mi.us

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