[K12OSN] Setting a default, non-customizable desktop

Peter Deakin pdkin.trinityschool at ntlworld.com
Sat Apr 3 22:25:16 UTC 2004

Richard K. Ingalls wrote:

> The language arts teacher (who has a 10 client LTSP lab) told me today 
> that the 8th graders were changing their backgrounds, and she doesn't 
> want them doing that because a few have chosen pictures that are 
> pushing the limits of appropriate for a public school (k-8 grades).  I 
> told her that I allow them to customize, but that it must be 
> "appropriate" for public school.  Of course the real problem is 
> defining what is appropriate (for today's 8th graders who have been 
> brought up by MTV -- it is not the same as for me).  Anyway... I digress.
> How can I make it so that my users have absolutely NO CUSTOMIZED 
> DESKTOPs?  Is this possible?  If so, what must I do?
> If I have to make a threat to my 8th graders to "clean up their act" 
> or else I'll do it for you, then I need to be able to back it up.  At 
> this point I can't, because I don't know how.
> Any help out there?
Changing permissions on .gconf to 740  so that there is no write access 
and changing ownership to root which prevents group and others making 
any changes. This will stop anyone from changing backgrounds, view 
rights and stops theme changes. I guess this might be too restrictive so 
you could experiment with permissions on specific flies in this 
directory to achieve what you want.

Peter Deakin

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