[K12OSN] Setting a default, non-customizable desktop

Dan Young dan_young at parkrose.k12.or.us
Sat Apr 3 23:33:27 UTC 2004

Christopher K. Johnson said:
> Peter Deakin wrote:
>> Changing permissions on .gconf to 740  so that there is no write
>> access and changing ownership to root which prevents group and others
>> making any changes. This will stop anyone from changing backgrounds,
>> view rights and stops theme changes. I guess this might be too
>> restrictive so you could experiment with permissions on specific flies
>> in this directory to achieve what you want.
> Of course a knowledgable user can simply delete .gconf since it is in
> what must remain a user writable directory - their home.
> But it would at least prevent customization until someone figures that
> out.

What about "chattr -R +i .gconf"?

-Dan Young
-Parkrose School District

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