[K12OSN] Massive Rsyncing

Stephen Liu satimis at icare.com.hk
Mon Apr 5 16:28:05 UTC 2004

On Monday 05 April 2004 23:31, Dan Young wrote:
> On Sun, 2004-04-04 at 08:36, Chris Thomas wrote:
> > How do I change the default size of the mozilla cache
> > directory for every user (I know how to do it on a
> > user by user basis)?
> /usr/lib/mozilla-<version number>/defaults/pref/all.js
> Look for pref("browser.cache.disk.capacity"

Hi Dan,

What will be the function of the abovementioned line:
 pref("browser.cache.disk.capacity", 51200);
Whether increasing its capacity will result in the browser refreshing quicker.


Stephen Liu

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