[K12OSN] adding a second processor

Eric Feldhusen efeldhusen at chartermi.net
Mon Apr 5 19:01:55 UTC 2004

Caleb Wagnon wrote:

> Joe Guenther said:
>>I have a test server K12LTSP4.0.1 running with a single processor.  A second
>>CPU is on the way.  When I install it, will the Linux OS (kudzo)
>>automatically recognize he second processor and offer to install the SMP
>>kernel, or do I need to do a fresh install?
> Go ahead and install the smp kernel (preferably grab the latest WBEL SMP
> kernel) and that should be it. Pop the second cpu in and boot it.

My Athlon 1600MP dual proc machine handled/is handling 4.0.0/4.0.1 just 
fine. From reading the Fedora Core mail lists, it seemed to me, like 
people with dual intel processors were having problems, even through the 
problem was never pinned down to a specific cause.

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