[K12OSN] Rebuiliding K12LTSP server's kernel with supermount support

Eduardo Robles Elvira edulix at andaluciajunta.es
Mon Apr 5 21:56:17 UTC 2004

El Lunes, 5 de Abril de 2004 08:03, cliebow escribió:
> my bet..Jim would say use pure unpatched source code for kernel.org..no
> need to use fedora source whatsoever...chuck


Well, so be it. I've compiled the kernel 2.4.24 with supermount support using /boot/config-2.4.22-1.2135.nptl config file plus supermount built as a module. It worked and boots, but the mouse problem appear!

I can see the device /dev/input/mice as always, but the mouse doesn't move in the console nor in Xfree. It works in the terminals though. It wouldn't be a problem if the server wouldn't be used as another desktop machine by the director of the School hehehe.

In my case it's an optical mouse, and it lights (so the driver is loaded). A lsmod tells me that usbcore, mousedev, usb-uhci, ehci-hcd and hid modules are loaded. In /var/log/messages I can even see a message about my mouse ("Microsoft Intellimose Optical blahblah in usb1:2.0 port").

What are the difference I've noticed then? As far as I can tell you, in /var/log/messages the message  "usb.c: registered new driver hiddev"  doesn't appear with my vanilla 2.4.24 + supermount kernel. and yes, hiddev is builtin the kernel.

Another difference: cat /dev/input/mice usually propmts input when I move my mouse in K12LTSP defualt's kernel, but nothing in mine.

I've been trying to solve the problem in the irc channels #ltsp and #fedora (freenode) but I haven't still success.

Anyway, thanks you!

Help needed,

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