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Mon Apr 5 22:50:03 UTC 2004

Give it up, your manager sounds committed in the Microsoft direction.

Shawn Iverson wrote:

> On Friday, April 02, 2004 8:46 AM Justin Paulsen wrote:
>>In place of AD you might want to look at Novell's eDirectory.  It runs
>>on Linux.  As for the mail server try using a directory driven one like
>>Novell's Groupwise, OpenGroupware.org (pain to setup last I tried),
>>Oracle Colaboration Suite, Sun's mail server (wouldn't recommend this
>>one), Sendmail, etc.  Then use a client that will interface with it like
>>Evolution, OpenGroupware.org has a web interface, Novell has both a
>>client and a web interface, sendmail has a web interface, sun has a web
>>interface (again wouldn't recommend this one), etc. and they can all run
>>on Linux. :)
> eDirectory may be my only chance at grabbing the corporate "steering wheel."
> I think I will attempt to campaign in favor of it.  My basic understanding
> is that eDirectory is not operating system specific.  I spoke with my boss,
> and he has said that since he received a large grant, he wants to proceed to
> an AD domain.
> Btw, has anyone tried egroupware?  Is it a promising alternative to
> Exchange? I am not impressed with OGO because of the proprietary connectors
> needed.  I don't necessarily need a client-side app. running the show.
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