[K12OSN] PXE boot problem

Dan Bo faengoy at yahoo.com
Wed Apr 7 03:23:26 UTC 2004

I am preparing for a presentation for my school, and,
because I didn't want to haul any equipment in, I was
testing with Knoppix and the terminal server on there.
 Wait, though, because my problem is probably simple. 
The machine uses an eepro100, boots, gets its IP by
DHCP correctly, but hangs on TFTP.  The server shows
three instances of in.tftpd running, but the file
never gets downloaded.  I suspect that it's because
the NIC has a PXE 0.99b, and I know that some versions
have problems.  Any quick help, or should I find
another NIC?  No chance on getting the Netware network
boot stuff to work, I know...

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