[K12OSN] Looking for Textbooks

Theodore Romaine TRomaine at comcast.net
Wed Apr 7 04:02:36 UTC 2004

Hello Huck,

I spent some time in Portland, OR's Powell Technical bookstore last Thursday
night. I thought I saw one on Open Source on the Three Large Bookshelves
full of Unix and Linux text books. If anyone is going to have it, try their
website at http://www.powellsbooks.com , Try a Google search if the URL I
gave isn't accurate. I hope your within driving distance. Otherwise their
website does feature a search engine featuring their inventory.

-Ted Romaine

$15.00 got me two handbooks, one on Linux which is in their top-ten list and
one on Vi. Wish I had more $$. You can save alot of it buying their USED
books which characteristically run 50% off the original price.

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> I've searched and searched and can not find textbooks for OpenOffice.
> I remember someone posting a link here but searching the archives
> produced no results.
> Does anyone know of some textbooks for teaching OO?
> I seem to recall there was a book for each aspect, Writer, Calc,
> Presenter etc..
> --Huck
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