[K12OSN] Permissions Question

Jim Hays haysja at sages.us
Wed Apr 7 17:34:11 UTC 2004

Mostly Mac clients.  Very few Windows.  Our Mac OSX clients are 
connecting through Samba.  Windows clients connect through Samba.  OS9 
clients connect with Appletalk. 

I have it fixed now.  Changing the group with the chgrp command (I told 
you I was embarrassed about asking the question) did the trick.  Just to 
make sure, I added a file in cron.daily to change the group for all 
student files to teachers.  It should work for what I want.  The issue 
was not with giving teachers access to the folder.  The issue was that, 
when a student creates a file, that file (in his/her folder) is owned by 
coojo08:coojo08 and I want it owned by coojo08:teachers.  The chgrp that 
I put in cron.daily will change the permission each night - meaning that 
a teacher will have access to all files created yesterday or earlier. 

Doug Simpson wrote:

>Are you just needing the ability to let the teachers look at their 
>documents and work?
>Is this a samba server serving windows clients?
>If so, make /home a share, and set the teachers as administrative users, 
>make it non-browseable, and read only, and also set the teachers as valid 
>users.  As soon as you set a user (or users) as valid users, then that 
>restricts the share to only the users that are in the valid list.  Meaning 
>other students can't see into each other's home directories.
>My teachers can open their student's home directoriesa d look at docs and 
>etc anytime.
>Hope this helps. . .
>P.S. If anyone sees anything wrong with this method, let me know. . .
>On Wed, 7 Apr 2004, Huck wrote:

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