[K12OSN] Permissions Question

Roger morris_r at 4j.lane.edu
Wed Apr 7 20:01:12 UTC 2004

Around Wed, Apr 07, 2004 at 09:49:37AM -1000,  Nakashima, wrote:
> On Wed, 7 Apr 2004, Jim Hays wrote:
> > The problem:  When a student creates a file in his/her folder, the files
> > is "owned" by the student as owner and by the student as group.  I need
> > to have the group for these files be teachers.
> Not sure if this would work, but couldn't you just add the teacher who
> needs access to the student's primary group (put mrs-teacher into
> cooljo08's group) and then set gid bit for that home directory? Does
> anyone know if that would work?
> --Peter
redhat creates a group for each user.  
user1 group user1
user2 group user2

so the teacher would have to be a member of several groups.   Without
the other alternatives mentioned, you could have all the students in the
'student' group as their primary group, then have all teachers members of 'student'.


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