[K12OSN] new splash screen for K12ltsp

Caleb Wagnon cwagnon at redbugmail.k12.ar.us
Wed Apr 7 22:08:19 UTC 2004

Richard K. Ingalls said:
> Nice photo.  Did you take it?  Very nice touch (the red hat with the
> b/w child).  I'm curious, does KDE eat up any more/less bandwidth than
> gnome?

YES.....more =)

> I've only used the default gnome destkop and am playing with
> the idea of IceWM and KDE, etc...

Ice is *the* way to go for speed and bandwidth conservation. Mind you I'm not
saying I think everyone needs to go to ice and everything else sucks....but in
implementations where your concerned with your server/network load you should
run icewm rather than gnome or kde. I think gnome has actually gotten a little
better but still in the whole scheme of things I would rank bandwidth hogs by:
KDE (biggest), gnome (not as big), iceWM (light), iceWM Lite (super light.

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