[K12OSN] How to burn from the server (using Mondo)?

joseph.bishay at utoronto.ca joseph.bishay at utoronto.ca
Thu Apr 8 02:17:32 UTC 2004


Thank you all for your help with my previous questions.  I'd like to ask
another question, this time about writing to a CD.

I am using Mondoarchive to back up the server. Normally I use to backup
to a NFS mount and it works perfectly (except for a pesky problem of
sucking up ALL 2 GIG of RAM and requiring a server reset to free up the
memory for performance - anyone else have that problem?) but I also would
like a regular, CD-based backup which I can drop into the CD-ROM and
restore from easily.

However, I have not been able to use the CD-burner at all from the server
without switching it to runlevel 3. I issue the command telinit 3 then log
in as root and perform the backup. This won't work as well if I use
telinit s.

Obviously this is not very desirable, since the entire network goes down,
and it can't be automated this way.  And this problem applies to all
instances of trying to write to CD.

Does anyone use Mondo for backup, and if so, how do you use it to write to
CD? Or, how do you burn a CD on a k12ltsp server?

Thank you very much,

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