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Thu Apr 8 17:41:28 UTC 2004


What about Mondo/Mindi?  It works for servers, why not a laptop?

I'm sure someone else will find the discussion on this subject back in the archive and provide a better suggestion. :)

Also, I am looking to purchase a laptop that will run WinXp/Fedora so .. can you provide the specs on the laptop used?

Dave Hopkins
> Hello Folks,
> I have 26 new IBM laptops ready for use in our new Linux Mobile Lab. I
> have one of them all configured and ready to go. The hard drive was
> repartitioned so it now dual boots XP and Fedora Core 2.
> I could use Ghost to replicate the drives on the other 25 but I don't
> want to pay for any Ghost licenses. What's the easiest way to make an
> image of this drive (both partitions) and then send it back out again to
> the other 25 machines?
> I was thinking of using the Knoppix CD and doing something with nfs but
> I'm hoping that the expertise of the K12OSN list will keep me from doing
> any wheel inventing at all.
> ;-) Paul
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