[K12OSN] new splash screen for K12ltsp

anthony baldwin anthonybaldwin at snet.net
Thu Apr 8 20:37:56 UTC 2004

Richard K. Ingalls wrote:
> David Trask wrote:
>> The sacrifice with KDE at the moment is sound...to my knowledge....in
>> K12LTSP terminal environment sound only works with Gnome and IceWM.  
>> ringalls at glenwood.k12.mo.us writes:
>>> Nice photo.  Did you take it?  Very nice touch (the red hat with the 
>>> b/w child).  I'm curious, does KDE eat up any more/less bandwidth 
>>> than gnome?  I've only used the default gnome destkop and am playing 
>>> with the idea of IceWM and KDE, etc..
>> David N. Trask
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> Aha!  Thanks David.  That's becoming a more important point for my 
> school.  We are increasingly visiting starfall.com with our younger 
> students.  This is a great site for phonics, but it uses flash player 
> and we MUST have sound for it.  So it looks like KDE is out for me. Thanks!

BUT sound DOES work in KDE...I'm listening to Jerry Garcia on XMMS with 
KDE right now!

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