[K12OSN] Window managers (was: new splash screen for K12ltsp)

Andy Rabagliati andyr at wizzy.com
Fri Apr 9 11:19:41 UTC 2004

On Thu, 08 Apr 2004, Huck wrote:

> Along this line...is there a generally accepted method of figuring out
> approximately How much bandwidth is used by each windowsmanager? For
> some labs bandwidth might not be an issue and for others I might need
> every little bit I can scrounge.
> --Huck
> -----Original Message-----
> What's the difference between IceWM and IceWM Lite? And more
> important, where can I find a screenshot of the Lite version?
> Petre

I would also very much like some benchmark info on this.

There are a number of different LTSP offerings sprouting up in South
Africa, but most of them use Gnome or KDE.

KDE, as I remember, has an eye-candy-o-meter, but I do not think Gnome does ?

Folks mention IceWM - but I find it just a little too bland. Heaven
knows what IceWM Lite looks like :-)

I use XFCE, but eye candy has increased from XFCE3 to XFCE4.

XFCE allows me to put eight big fat application buttons along the
bottom, with CDE-style 'drawers' popping up from each for other
(similar) apps.

XFCE3 was one rpm, xfce4 is a bunch. That is nice, because I skip things
like the desktop, and just put down the panel.

Is the limit graphics bandwidth, or opening and closing ~/.gconf*/*
little files all the time on my IDE disks ?

Yes, I know SCSI is better, but schools here are very price conscious,
and SCSI is 4x the price.

Anyone done any benchmarking they can share ?

Cheers,    Andy!


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