[K12OSN] benchmarks and bandwidth

Huck dhuckaby at paasda.org
Fri Apr 9 18:18:50 UTC 2004

Starting this on a seperate thread, so as not to "hijack" or something.
(this is my first listserv experience, and quite helpful I might add)
If those of you who operate a k12ltsp environment in a school setting
could possibly post real results of what you have in those working
for those of us trying to convince admins to make the switch.
a question I'm running into is:
"You are trying to tell me that 1 computer, "(they can't really
differentiate between a server and a workstation)
"will be able to run applications for this lab of 30 machines doing
multimedia applications "
"like Cinelerra, The Gimp, or Open Office and web browsing?"
and all I can say is "I think so, until I get the go ahead to TRY it and
find out"
I guess what I need is some tangible evidence.
Such as:  on server with 4gigs of ram running on scsi with a 800mhz fsb
and a 3.0 GHz cpu
my server is handling 50 concurrent connections running various programs
from TuxMath to The Gimp
and everything in between and is at 75% cpu load and 80% memory, and
never using swap space...
and all clients are running smooth and clean.
--Huck =)
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