[K12OSN] Re:View Multiple share points with Netatalk and vsFTP

Petre Scheie petre at maltzen.net
Mon Apr 12 13:59:08 UTC 2004

For a free graphical sftp client for Mac OSX, try fugu:

or CyberDuck:

Here's a commercial sftp client for Mac OS9 ($25):

I found the OS9 client via a page at Brandeis University, which mentions that 
they have a site-license for MacSFTP; so perhaps the maker of MacSFTP would give 
you a price break for a site license since the use is for education.  That's 
just a guess.

Here's another commercial sftp client for OS9:
They have what appears to be a crippled free download.

Then you can make a webpage with copies of the client(s) for users to download, 
and some instructions with lots of screenshots on how to install and connect.

(I had to do this same sort of things years ago to walk users through using a 
command line ftp client; I still got some phone calls asking for help, but most 
of the time just giving people a link to the instruction page was all that was 


jim at winonacotter.org wrote:
> I here you there.  Unfortunately I have often overestimated the users ability to
> use computers in the past and anything outside the realm of FTP seems to be
> overwhelming for 80% of students and 95% of teachers, and everyone insists on
> external access.  Everyone has been so spoiled with the ease of Chooser in OS9
> in the past that it is tuff to stear them any other direction.  But I will
> definitely note this point in my quest :-)  I have even dabbled with a java
> based file transfer client loaded from a web browser that used secure access
> and would work from any platform....but the results were too sluggish and
> buggy.
> Thanks
> Quoting Petre Scheie <petre at maltzen.net>:
>>Be careful with the FTP and allowing teachers & students to access files from
>>home, as you are potentially exposing all sorts of their files to the whole 
>>world.    Using the normal FTP (port 23) everything including IDs and PWs is
>>passed in cleartext meaning someone could sniff it.  I would recommend only 
>>allowing access via something that employs ssl, say, ssh or ftp over ssh
>>22).  For Windows users, there is FileZilla which is a nice graphical free
>>client that will do its work over SSH.  I have my dad use it to send files to
>>web server.  I don't know if there are similar clients for Mac; if not, those
>>users can always use a command line--you just have to post a recipe for the 
>>steps on the school's website.  Pathetically, Mozilla's Composer does not
>>to include a client for posting files to a web server that will work over
>>Jim Kronebusch wrote:
>>>Thanks for the extra info on AFP version, I didn't know that.  We have
>>>OSX, OS9, Windows 9x-XP, and Linux clients here.  So I will be forced to
>>>run Netatalk and Samba.  We also need external access from home for
>>>teachers and students to the main files server for all platforms so I
>>>will also be forced to run FTP (Users could connect via AFP over TCP but
>>>that still leaves trouble for Windows users).  
>>>I have set up netatalk, samba and FTP before.  My problem is mostly with
>>>if I set up share points in netatalk, how to I mirror the same share
>>>points to samba and even FTP if possible?  I am thinking that with FTP I
>>>may be forced to just settle with them logging into their home folder
>>>and calling it good.  But I would like local users to see the same
>>>directory structure from and client whether using SMB or AFP.  I have
>>>thought of just dumping users into a /home and letting them traverse to
>>>whichever folder they need since they won't have permissions to access
>>>folders they aren't supposed to, but this is a cumbersome method and I
>>>like to not have users even see folders they don't have access to.  
>>>On my Windows server with Serv-U as the server I sould set up aliases
>>>for each user in FTP for any other directories they had access to, can
>>>vsFTP do the same?
>>>Ultimately I would like to log in via AFP, SMB, or FTP directly into my
>>>/home/user folder by default, then if possible have aliases within that
>>>folder to take me directly to any other folder I have priveleges to say
>>>/home/publicdrop or /home/teachers/teachername/homeworkdrop.
>>>If the previous isn't possible maybe have it where if I log in via AFP I
>>>see 3 mount points to choose from, via SMB and FTP three folders to
>>>choose from.  I am sure I can get these results via AFP but am lost on
>>>how to do it with SMB and FTP.
>>>I also could just give users multiple usernames and passwords for
>>>different types of access but they have enough trouble remembering one
>>>Anyway the info you have offered helps, Thanks
>>>In the end I am sure I will just realize I am asking for too much :-)
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>>>Subject: [K12OSN] Re:View Multiple share points with Netatalk and vsFTP
>>>Netatalk does a pretty good job of behaving as an
>>>AppleShare server. You can setup multiple shares. If
>>>you are going to run netatalk, you should go to
>>>netatalk.sourceforge.net. There is a mailing list there you can join
>>>which would be beneficial. One thing to be aware of is that netatalk is
>>>still based on AFP 2.0 and OS X uses AFP 3.0. Apple did not write good
>>>backward compatability into OS X. I think their intent was to force
>>>people to upgrade their AppleShareIP server to OS X. You will run into
>>>issues with netatalk and OS X clients. Samba is a better solution if you
>>>have all OS X clients. If you are mixed with OS X and 9 or earlier, I
>>>would use netatalk and train you OS X users to deal with the
>>>idiosyncracies they will run into. If you want more details, I can give
>>>them to you but I need to go now. Dave
>>>Message: 4
>>>Date: Tue, 6 Apr 2004 13:03:27 -0500
>>>From: "Jim Kronebusch" <jim at winonacotter.org>
>>>Subject: [K12OSN] View Multiple share points with
>>>Netatalk and vsFTP
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>>>I will be migrating our main fileserver to linux this
>>>summer.  Right 
>>>if a user logs in via appletalk they get to choose
>>>from multiple share
>>>points.  Is this possible with netatalk?  Or is it
>>>possible to have
>>>aliases within the users home directory to take them
>>>to other home
>>>directories as long as they have proper permissions to
>>>the other 
>>>via group privileges?  Can this same setup also be
>>>accessed via FTP as
>>>Here is a scenario if it helps:
>>>User X logs in and is taken to their /home/usrXfolder/
>>>Now user X wants to drop files into a teacher Y's drop
>>>folder located 
>>>Can this user either:
>>>A. See 2 share points on login /usrXfolder/ and
>>>/1sthourdrop/ or
>>>B. Dump directly into their /usrXfolder/ and see an
>>>alias to
>>>I currently have vsFTP set with chroot_local_user=yes
>>>option to lock
>>>into the users /home/user directory to keep them from wandering.
>>>Whatever solution I go with I want to be sure that if a user logs in
>>>from home via FTP on a Windows based system they can traverse
>>>directories in the same fashion.
>>>Also the majority of our computers here are Macintosh,
>>>and we are 
>>>more Windows machines, when we get to adding Linux
>>>machines they will 
>>>thin clients.  So I guess Samba will need to reflect
>>>this configuration
>>>as well.
>>>I hope this makes some sort of sense to everyone.  And
>>>me out if there is a better way to do this.  I want to
>>>avoid giving
>>>users more than one username and password.  Also
>>>depending on what
>>>activities or courses a student is involved in, this
>>>won't be limited 
>>>two folders, there may be half a dozen in some cases.
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