[K12OSN] how many clients?

Shawn Powers spowers at inlandlakes.org
Tue Apr 13 18:17:41 UTC 2004

On Tuesday 13 April 2004 02:14 pm, Caleb Wagnon wrote:
> > Dual Proc Xenon
> > 64 bit motherboard
> > 8 gigs of RAM
> > gigabit ethernet from the server to switch, but 100mb to the client.

Gotta inquire about the hard drives though...  Standard ATA-133 will choke at 
about 8-10 clients if you're serving the /home directory.

There have been multiple threads here regarding SCSI vs IDE vs SATA -- you 
pick a side you like. :)  Honestly though, ATA-133 will not suffice in a big 
server situation that you want to serve many clients.


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