[K12OSN] Opinions wanted

Petre Scheie petre at maltzen.net
Tue Apr 13 19:04:10 UTC 2004

Chris Hobbs wrote:
> Richard K. Ingalls wrote:
>>> http://www.silvervalley.k12.ca.us/~chobbs/K12LTSPFlyer.pdf
>> Great job on this flyer!  This is one we should pass out to as many 
>> people as we can.  Looks very nice; professional layout, clean 
>> typefaces, whitespace, nice graphics.  Excellent!
>> Can I put it on my website @ school?
> Use it as you see fit - I am updating as I find typos and such in the 
> original sxw - once I'm done with it, I'll post the sxw as well to make 
> it easy for other folks to modify.
> (btw: don't tell anyone, but I borrowed the basic layout from a MS 
> Windows 2000 Advanced Server flyer I picked up at a tradeshow...  shhhhh!)
Awww, don't say that, it makes me feel dirty.  Now I have to go do some 'hail 

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