[K12OSN] OT - Open Source Alumnae / Fundraising Software

Terrell Prude', Jr. microman at cmosnetworks.com
Wed Apr 14 11:40:55 UTC 2004

This can be done with ease with MySQL.  There are several front-ends 
that support MySQL, including OpenOffice.org, that make using the 
database at least as easy as using MS Accsucks.


Chris Thomas wrote:

>Hi all:
>I work for a small k-8 private school which has been
>using K12LTSP since the 1.0 release. Thanks everyone
>for helping me setup our thin client computing model.
>Next fiscal year will be the school's 60th anniversary
>and the school will focus on generating money by going
>after our alums. Currently the school doesn't have a
>database with Alumnae/i info and the school has never
>done Alumnae/i fundraising before. My question; is
>there an open source software solution that can help
>track Alumnae/i and their donations? I found
>Blackbaud's "The Raiser's Edge" but it's not free and
>I think it is designed to be used for a bigger
>Thanks for your help.
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