[K12OSN] CPU Temps

Terrell Prude', Jr. microman at cmosnetworks.com
Thu Apr 15 01:50:32 UTC 2004

Eric Feldhusen wrote:

> Just curious, does anyone here have Athlon MP 1600-2000 in a server? 
> What cpu temps are you seeing with lm_sensors?  I'm seeing a 
> consistant 168-170F, but I'm not sure if that's high for these 
> processors, normal, or low?
> I'm curious, since I had a fan fail and before the motherboard could 
> shutdown the system, I lost a processor, and you wouldn't believe how 
> hard it is to find new Athlon 1600MPs.
Mine's got twin Athlon 1700+'s (I also have one w/ 1.2GHz CPUs).  I 
haven't measured my CPU temps w/ lm_sensors, but I can tell you how I 
keep my CPUs cool.  I use high-quality--and big--copper heatsinks w/ a 
little bit of heat grease with any Athlon at any time; CoolerMaster 
makes a good unit, the HHC-L61, which I use, and there are other good 
ones.  If this sounds like overkill, know that I've never had a CPU burn 
up on me...ever...and I've had fans die on me before back in the K6 days.

The other thing you might want to make sure of is that air flow through 
the case is good, just in case a fan does die on you.  I generally run 
three fans in my cases--one on the power supply, one on the front of the 
case, and one on the back, right between the AGP slot and the PSU (no, 
it really isn't very noisy at all).  I also am careful to tuck my cables 
out of the way of the airflow path to the CPUs.  Then, at least the 
airflow through the case, coupled with the quality copper heatsink, will 
keep the CPU cool enough for the mobo to have time to shut the system down.

As for finding Athlon 1600MPs, I just checked www.pricewatch.com, and I 
couldn't find them either.  If you're on a tight budget, you might 
consider picking up a couple of Athlon MP 1.2GHz chips.  The method to 
this apparent madness is that they're $38 apiece if you check PriceWatch 
(I got mine for $35 each).  By contrast, Athlon MP 1800+'s are $84 a 
pop.  I have found that the 1.2GHz chips are plenty fast enough.  Just 
another option to consider.


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