[K12OSN] A different authentication issue

Tim Litwiller tim at litwiller.net
Thu Apr 15 02:29:24 UTC 2004

If you are wanting to replace Border Manager and your filter entirely a 
very nice authenticating web filter is censornet. from censornet.com.

It allows authentication by user, group, workstation  or room.

madsen at vijit.com wrote:

>Reading about a previous poster's authentication issue (for which I'm
>sorry to say I have no answer), I was reminded of a problem I've sorta
>been ignoring.
>Students are using a Novell server and I want to migrate them to 
>LTSP or a "conventional" [Linux] PC as appropriate.  That's not an issue.
>But Novell Border Manager is used to keep track of who to allow onto the
>Internet.  Once they log in to the main Novell server, the Border Manager 
>knows about the login and can check to see if they're allowed to use the
>'net, too.  Some students' parents have signed Internet permission slips,
>and some have not.  Lower grades aren't permitted to access the Internet
>anyway.  This means we have to allow selective Internet access based on 
>human identity, not IP address or some other machine characteristic.
>I suppose something could be hacked to "fix" the default route in 
>the routing table in a "conventional" Linux environment, but that still
>leaves the control on the client (end-user) machine.  I don't see this
>as too smart, as end-user ingenuity could be used to defeat this.  It
>would be better to have something more "central" that the kids couldn't
>get to acting as gatekeeper.
>Does anyone know of any facility (in either an LTSP or "conventional"
>Linux environment) to do this?  
>All/any suggestions welcome!
>Dave Madsen ---dcm
>madsen at vijit.com
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