[K12OSN] proc maxed out

Huck dhuckaby at paasda.org
Fri Apr 16 00:56:45 UTC 2004

Top shows  'gs' owned by lp  utilizing 60-90% cpu...


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That should be enough to power what you're describing with ease, even 
with your users running full-blown GNOME or KDE.  What does top show 
before the slowdown/seizure, and what does it show during the slowdown?

BTW, the AMD Athlon 2000+ runs at 1.67GHz.


Huck wrote:

> I just set up a small lab in our library.
> amd 2000+ like 1.2mhz or something
> 1 gig of ram
> 40 gig ide hd.
> lj4000 printer connected to the server..
> and with 4 clients connected ...
> 3 browsing the web...
> 1 printing pics from the web..
> and 1 playing gnuchess...
> server either dies...seizes up or just slows to the speeds of those
> old punch card programs =)
> So...think'n of smack'n 'em with IceWM(maybe even lite)... and needing

> to figure out how to remove 90% of the games... I noticed that some of

> them are very cpu/memory friendly...while others hog as much as they 
> can grab.
> --Huck
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