[K12OSN] HSTI 2004

Caleb Wagnon cwagnon at redbugmail.k12.ar.us
Fri Apr 16 12:45:45 UTC 2004

Barry Smoke said:
> We are looking for vendor support, to help us with our booth,
> and provide swag/giveaways.  Any leads, or donations
> would be greatly appreciated.
> Please contact me:
> Barry Smoke
> Vice Pres.
> lrlug.org
> bsmoke at bryantschools.org

Yeah...Redhat promised us stuff multiple times last year. And we never got it.
Really disappointed us. Now's a time for the Redhat employees on the list to
redeem themselves!
Caleb Wagnon MCP A+ CCNA
Technology Coordinator
Fordyce School District

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