[K12OSN] Recomiling a Kernel

Jim Kronebusch jim at winonacotter.org
Fri Apr 16 16:50:44 UTC 2004

Can anyone give me some tips on how to recompile to just add module
support for appletalk?  This is the last step I am at in building this
new server and I don't want to loose any settings or options I already
have, and I especially don't want to have to start over.  Here are the
steps as I know them, please add additional steps where I need them:
1. Install kernel source - Done
2. cd /usr/src/linux
3. make menuconfig
4. Save changes and exit
5. make dep
6. make clean
7. make bzImage
8. copy the bzImage to /boot
9. Edit grub.conf to boot new kernel
10. Reboot
Again I just want the exact config I have with the addition of module
support for Appletalk, will this be a safe enough way to do so or am I
missing some steps?  Unfortunately I am positive I do not have the
knowledge to compile from scratch and choose all the right options.  I
assume all I need to do to add Appletalk as a module is check the module
box under networking in menuconfig. 
P.S.  It is about 80 and sunny here with no humidity, I really don't
want to hose this thing and kill a beautiful afternoon :-)
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