[K12OSN] More on individual application servers

Brian Chase networkr0 at cfl.rr.com
Fri Apr 16 17:42:43 UTC 2004

The best way to run applications on another box besides your main LTSP 
server(we'll call this "localhost"), like say on a backup LTSP server 
(we'll call this "backLTSP", defined in /etc/hosts).

If you're doing NIS authentication, this should work without further 
modification.  If not, you'll need to create duplicate accounts on both 
the main LTSP server (localhost) and backup LTSP server (backLTSP).

 From a terminal session, type the following:

$ ssh backLTSP

type in the appropriate username and password....then:

$ oowriter

Voila, your OpenOffice Writer program should appear, same applies to 
virtually any program that runs under X.  I use it with gkrellm to keep 
track of resources on other Linux boxes all the time.



Dan Bo wrote:
> Somehow I don't feel like the original question about
> OO servers got answered fully, and I'm quite
> interested.  What's the most decent way to have users
> at various terminals click on an icon (running on the
> LTSP server) to export the application directly from
> the app server to the client without going through the
> LTSP server?  This seems to involve some environmental
> variable logic, but I am not sure which ones...
> Dan
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