[K12OSN] Recomiling a Kernel

Jim Kronebusch jim at winonacotter.org
Fri Apr 16 18:29:26 UTC 2004

I'm worried as well :-) But I think I found a good tutorial (meaning one
I can understand) on Rebuilding Kernels finally, turns out I will have
to break down and do some reading.

Thanks for your help.

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On Friday 16 April 2004 12:50 pm, Jim Kronebusch wrote:
> I
> assume all I need to do to add Appletalk as a module is check the 
> module box under networking in menuconfig.

This is one reason I wish K12LTSP was done on debian. :)  Kernel
recompile on 
debian is a walk in the park.  That aside...

I think you have to make sure during that process that the modules
folder gets 
created.  I think you'll have to "make modules" or some such thing.
never done a kernel in redhat... sorry...

Generally there should be a folder in /lib/modules/xxxxx  where xxxxx is
build revision of your kernel.  Then upon reboot, you should run "depmod
to set things to using the new modules.  (to be honest, I'm not exactly
what depmod -a does, but it always makes things work after a kernel

Make sure when you edit grub that you make an ADDITIONAL entry, don't
delete what's there, or you could really hose stuff.  

After I typed that, I'd suggest looking on redhat.com or somewhere for
installing tips.  I'm worried about your afternoon.  :)


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