[K12OSN] More OO.o export goodness (man this is a difficultsubject!)

Huck dhuckaby at paasda.org
Fri Apr 16 18:30:49 UTC 2004

If backLTSP is in the '/etc/hosts' file...
It should just route you straight through to the backLTSP machine
directly I believe.
It is only piping the appliation to the display not the entire windows
manager maybe???
It wouldn't make sense for it to export the whole desktop from backLTSP
when you are only
requesting oowriter....


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Either I'm missing something really important here, or
this doesn't answer my question at all: you tell me
which.  Since I am in an X session exported from the
LTSP server (localhost) to the client (ws001) when I
open the xterm and type ssh backLTSP ...blah blah
blah..., I am now exporting the backLTSP OO.o app to
localhost, and the localhost display to ws001, when
what I really want is OO.o exported directly from
backLTSP to ws001 without localhost being in the way
there.  Is this prudent?  Is it possible (I'm positive
the answer is yes on that one)? Will it wreak havoc
with the Gnome session I am currently in?
The best way to run applications on another box
besides your main LTSP 
server(we'll call this "localhost"), like say on a
backup LTSP server 
(we'll call this "backLTSP", defined in /etc/hosts).

If you're doing NIS authentication, this should work
without further 
modification.  If not, you'll need to create duplicate
accounts on both 
the main LTSP server (localhost) and backup LTSP
server (backLTSP).

 From a terminal session, type the following:

$ ssh backLTSP

type in the appropriate username and password....then:

$ oowriter

Voila, your OpenOffice Writer program should appear,
same applies to 
virtually any program that runs under X.  I use it
with gkrellm to keep 
track of resources on other Linux boxes all the time.

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