[K12OSN] Re: Mozilla via Macintosh Thick Client

Jimmy Schwankl schwankl at chatham.k12.nc.us
Fri Apr 16 20:30:35 UTC 2004

Shawn Powers wrote:

> I'm trying to troubleshoot the issue I have where mozilla dies on the
> macintosh thin client (ok, "thick" client using the X -query method).
> If I pull mozilla from the LTSP server to my iBook running debian, 
> flash
> works.  It's slow as all get-out, but it works.
> On the older hardware, mozilla just politely crashes with no messages, 
> etc.

How much RAM on your iBook versus the thick Macintosh?

If you put more RAM in the Macintosh, will it work?

Jimmy Schwankl

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