[K12OSN] Splitting the load (ie, oo.org server)

Daniel Hedblom daniel.hedblom at skola.solleftea.se
Fri Apr 16 20:33:30 UTC 2004


You might want to try this:


Its a way to balance the load among two servers with dhcpd. Openmosix is
also recommended in conjunction for balancing the processes. I have just
ordered two servers to try this out so i havent got any experience in it

Ill post a brief howto on this list if im succesful.

> Is there anywhere that how exactly to "split the load" is documented?  In
> my
> latest meeting about implementing LTSP, the decision has been to have the
> entire district running thin clients.  (this means I get to upgrade our
> entire LAN to gig backbone, which is cool)  Anyway, to service 150ish
> clients, I'll need to break up the load significantly.
> Is it documented how to divide what clients boot from what server?  Or how
> to
> do the SSH forwarding to get a "mozilla" server and a "ooo" server?  I'm
> not
> really interested in dynamically picking a server, but rather, just saying
> LAB-A boots from SERVER-1 and LAB-B boots from SERVER-2 -- even though
> they
> are all in the same LAN.
> Also, which method is better?  Separate servers for specific applications,
> or
> separate servers for groups of clients (each server running everything)?
> I assume a central DHCP server could delegate these things to each client
> --
> am I right?  If so, how?  Where do I look to find this out?
> Thanks to all,
> -Shawn
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