[K12OSN] PD for staff (really OO)

Andrew Fournier adfour at mtaonline.net
Sat Apr 17 18:33:02 UTC 2004

Yeah, I thought about that after my post-- that past a point I might be
running too much hardware just to share out an office suite. I'll
experiment on a smaller scale and see how it works out. My interest in
doing the system with central app and home servers is that I think we
might end up seeing more or less generic dell classroom servers (cheap
hard drives) and I think it might actually easier to pitch a few big bad
app servers than a bunch of beefy classroom servers. We have been using
Novell, you see....
BTW is there ANYTHING novell provides that I can't do with linux? I
can't think of anything....

 Sat, 2004-04-17 at 09:28, Les Mikesell wrote:
> On Fri, 2004-04-16 at 23:25, Andrew Fournier wrote:
> > This would seem to imply that large central ( or clustered?) application
> > and home servers connected to from lab and classroom level ltsp servers
> > would be what is wanted for a building wide implementation, right? This
> > kinda brings up kimberlite & LVM for the home server.....
> Having a central authentication server and home directories makes
> sense, but whether you should offload apps from the local
> desktop servers or not is a trade-off that is going to depend
> on local circumstances.  You will gain some efficiency by
> running more copies of the same app on the same machine where
> linux will share the memory, and perhaps some stability because
> upgrades may be done separately on these machines.  However
> you now have to maintain custom menus and machines that
> are not all identical clones. You also may need a more expensive
> network backbone to match the performance of a classroom
> server with a gigabit uplink to a classroom switch behind the
> local server.  A compromise might be to start with a 'staff'
> application server where you maintain programs not needed
> in every classroom but run all the student desktops and apps
> from identical/interchangeable local servers.
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