[K12OSN] xdm's Chooser feature

Andrew Fournier adfour at mtaonline.net
Mon Apr 19 03:36:07 UTC 2004

I have only played with this a little, but won't <X -indirect> (rather
than <x -query>) get you a choice of servers? I seem to remember
something along those lines. If it does, then maybe just make an
executable script out of it and name it with some short command.
A. Fournier
Palmer Ak

On Sun, 2004-04-18 at 11:15, Gentgeen wrote:
> I was wondering if any of you have fiddled with xdm and the chooser feature.  I have a laptop that runs as a stand alone sometime, and other times as an X terminal with my desktop as my server, and other times as an X terminal with my K12LTSP server at school.  I have found that xdm has the ability to allow you to "choose" which one you log into, but I could not figure it out.  I have already gone through the mini-how-to, but could not get it to work.  I was hoping that someone out there could give me a little insight.
> As of now, xdm starts on boot-up, but only accessing the local X server, I then have to go to a vertual terminal, log-in then issue 'X :1 -query xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx'  I would like for xdm to show the three choices when I start.  At least, that is how I understand the documentation for the chooser feature of xdm.  Am I understanding this right?  
> Could anyone send my a copy of the config files?  I have tried, but I seem to be doing something wrong and I can not figure it out.
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