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Daniel Hedblom daniel.hedblom at skola.solleftea.se
Mon Apr 19 08:07:51 UTC 2004


In Redhat gnome menu editing is turned off becuase of a tendency to
corrupt the menus if you alter them from nautilus. You can turn menu
editing on again by:
 su -
<give root password>
cd /etc/gnome-vfs-2.0/modules
cp default-modules.conf default-modules.conf-no-menu-editing
cp default-modules.conf.with-menu-editing default-modules.conf

And then go to applications-all-users:/// and edit but be very careful
because you can end up having to hand edit to correct errors in


PS. If you really want to edit menus use KDE wich has and excellent menu
editor if you just right click on the start menu. DS.

> Found a site saying:
> In nautilus go to url
> Applications:///
> So I did...and voila...can see all the menus etc, but when I attempt to
> delete any of the items
> I receive an error "unsupported operation" while attempting to delete
> applications...mic.desktop
> (merely attempting to get rid of non-educational games that suck up tons
> of resources)
> --Huck
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> The gnome menu system is built with gnome-vfs, and generated from the
> *.desktop files in /usr/share/applications.  To edit it log in as root,
> or run nautilus as root.
> go the url
> applications-all-users:///
> This will give you a nautilus view of the applications menu.  You can
> rearrange it by drag-n-drop.  I haven't checked gnome 2.4 (what's in
> k12ltsp 4) but it works for gnome 2.6.  Gnome 2.6 has a number of new
> "lock down" features that are extremely useful in a lab environment.
> Now if gconf would only get group level control it would be gold.
> hth,
> -Brian
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