[K12OSN] PD for staff (really OO)

Barry Solof barry at yellowdog.com
Mon Apr 19 14:38:18 UTC 2004

>BTW is there ANYTHING novell provides that I can't do with linux? I
>can't think of anything....

Soapbox alert!!!


The big reason we still run Netware servers in our shop is Zen for desktops.  It allows us to send, resend and update applications on Windows desktops better than anything else we've tried.

Example?  When we roll out the new Thunderbird mail client in a few months all 400 desktops (in 12 buildings) will get the mail client delivered (and configured) automatically.  It will have each user's information, e-mail address, etc. and the user will have to do absolutely *no* configuration for themselves.  

We figure that'll save our department between 100 and 200 hours of repetitive, boring install silliness.  Not to mention cutting down the help desk calls!

Thats why we still have Netware and app launcher in the shop.

Ok, thats my rant.  Anyone have a way to do this with a linux backend instead of Netware?  


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