[K12OSN] Steps for Multiple X-servers

vcare vcarecrc at vsnl.com
Tue Apr 20 06:28:05 UTC 2004

This is a collective document made by Me , for use of Multiple X server 
on the Network
Please follow the followinf steps.

The Steps to do for Multiple X -Server Connectivity from One Workstation.

1) Using rc.local file create start_ws1 scripts file which is identicle 
to start_ws but with following change
 echo "/usr/X11R6/bin/XF86_SVGA :1 vt4  -indirect {XDM_SERVER}
 This will show list of  Multiple X-server in the Network.

2) Add following line to inittab file of /opt/ltsp/i386/etc

3) change section of rc.local for start_ws scripts also.
 echo "/usr/X11R6/bin/XF86_SVGA  -indirect {XDM_SERVER}
4) Update GDM with gdm-
    change the following line in gdm.conf under /etc/X11/gdm
    Displaysperhost=2   under XDMCP section.

This will give user option of Multiple X-server as well as with 
ctr+alt+F4 he will be able to connect to another X server.

If you need further assistance please free to mail me.


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