[K12OSN] PD for staff (really OO)

Huck dhuckaby at paasda.org
Tue Apr 20 17:14:34 UTC 2004

fake a server death...
but have a ready made/tested k12ltsp box at the ready for an 'INTERM'
solution =)

then...after about a month or so...they'll forget they had windows...


(unfortunately my server death was REAL .. but outcome the same =)

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>>This always makes me wonder, how did school IT deal with moving, say, 
>>from Apple II and the like, to Win3.1 or Mac, back when that 
>>transition took place?

We're not running a school network, this network is a local county
government.  There are over 50 departments and it seems almost all of
them have some specialized application that runs on doze.  We figure
only about 20% of all of our computers run without a critial windoze

The social issue is almost worse than the technical one, too.  There are
departments that will scream and yell if we try to change *anything*
they do.  It doesn't matter if we can save tons of money or not, these
folks are going to fight any change tooth and nail.  

Luckily, the managers and administrators are a lot more open to saving
money and tend to force the issue.  But you really have to wait for the
right political moment to force change like this because a lot of people
resent it.

Frankly, I believe it would be a lot easier to transition away from doze
if this was a school.

It would be *fantastic* if we could jump into K12LTSP soon.  It would
save so much time and money...


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