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Henning Petersen Wangerin k12osn___at___listman.redhat.com at hpc.dk
Tue Apr 20 20:34:52 UTC 2004

On Tue, 20 Jan 2004 15:11:54 -0500, you wrote:

> This is from the 4.0 ltsp documentation:

ahhh where do I find that? I could only find 3.0 docs on ltsp.org !?!
isn't that a little old now?

> Seeing how it was commented as a future add-on for SSH, I thought I
> would share my quick implementation of this with everyone.

Works great when using
	SSH_HOST =x.x.x.x
	SCREEN_xx = ssh
	SCREEN_yy = ssh

but when connecting to multible servers

	SSH_HOST =x.x.x.x
	SCREEN_xx = ssh x.x.x.x
	SCREEN_yy = ssh y.y.y.y

I can only login as root, no matter what I enter as usename!

> I am using this for kiosks for our registration terminals to sign up for
> classes each semester.
> The machine boots and then initiates a ssh connection to the SIS system,
> where a staff member from our admissions department goes through the
> process of registering a student for a class.

Sounds like a nice and simple way to flip a terminal int a different

> Here is an example config that I am using for an alias definition.
> [reg-term]
> 	SCREEN_01          = ssh
> 	SSH_HOST = host.name
> 	LOCAL_APPS         = N
> 	USE_NFS_SWAP       = N
> 	SWAPFILE_SIZE      = 48m
> I then just have individual entries further down the conf file for each
> stations.
> Example:
> [ws059]
> LIKE = reg-term 
> This just runs a machine with screen 1 being a ssh session back to our
> SIS system.  No X on this machine, because it doesn't need it.

is it possible to use a combination of both?

Like this:
	SCREEN_01 = startx
	SCREEN_02 = phone
	# I'm thinging of making all terminal act as VoIP-phones
LIKE = kids
	x_MODE_0 = 800x600 60Hz
LIKE = kids
	x_MODE_0 = 800x600 75Hz
LIKE = kids
	x_MODE_0 = 1024x768 75Hz

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