[K12OSN] CD-ROM acces in terminals

Eduardo Robles Elvira edulix at andaluciajunta.es
Thu Apr 22 11:36:17 UTC 2004

El Jueves, 22 de Abril de 2004 08:29, George Bredberg escribió:
> Hi,
> I have two ltsp-servers, 4.01 serving 9 and 12 terminals each in our
> school. Now there are a lot of people asking for access to the CD:s in
> the terminals. I have tried to search for how to do this but I have
> only found one note for an older version accessing CD:s via the ftp
> protocoll.. Is there some straightforward (for the students at least..)
> way to do this? I would wery much apreciate if someone could point me
> in the right direction.
> Regards    /George

Hi George!

I've dealing with this although I haven't finnished yet as my project of using K12LTSP in the school have been stopped. Anyway I only need to finninish some things in order to get all done, and then I'll create a howto:

I've already have success accessing to CD in the terminals. You only need to:

 1. Rebuild the terminal's kernel with supermount module support
 2. Install lufs in the terminal's root (/opt/ltsp/i386)
 3. using a combination of lufsmount and supermount, you sucess!

I think it's not needed, but I used SSH in order to the be secure :). All of this thanks to Andres Toomsalu's LDA howto (http://smtp.active.ee/download/ltsp4_lda_v0.2.tar.gz).

This way, you can access even to usb devices, and to local partitions, but I still couldn't read audio cds. That's anoying, thus, I'm still trying to use ENBD (Enhanced NBD) to do that. I feel that I have already installed, and my problems are about the enbd command's options..

If you need help with anythink, ask me and I'll try to do it at my best =).

I think in the next K12LTSP version (4.1 anyone?) could be included: ssh + lda + supermount. This would be a real improvement and it would save many time to us. CDroms in the terminals is a fact. Let's use it. And we could even try to autdetect every device whn it's added, then we supermount it. What do you think K12LTSP developers ?


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