[K12OSN] Minimum specs for firewall/filter

Trina L. Short nehstshort at MDECA.ORG
Thu Apr 22 14:58:15 UTC 2004

On 22 Apr 2004 at 10:39, Steve Kossakoski wrote:

> We're hoping to replace our firewall/filtering solutions with an SME
> server.  Could someone recommend the minimum specs for an SME server
> used only as a firewall and filtering server.

Well... Jim Conley will laugh when he sees this and think about the 
machine that dad and I brought to a bring it/make it lab.  It was 
166MHz with 32MB of RAM.  After some initial hiccups, it did work 
and by the time folks were typing in the URLs for the upgrades, I had 
caught up with them.  Our current SME server, however, is a Celeron 
1.6GHz and 128MB RAM machine.  Since it's our Web Caching 
Server, it's called JohnnyCache.  

Jim, BTW, has always been a wonderful resource for our county 
techs.  We appreciate the SME workshop that he did and all the 
other help he's provided us.
Trina L. Short
Newton Local School

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