[K12OSN] Mozilla permissions

Jack jackpal at cfl.rr.com
Thu Apr 22 22:36:00 UTC 2004

I had to to this with the instant messanger awhile back.  To find out
where any binary file is do a which.

[root at server root]# which mozilla
/usr/bin/mozilla  <------------------thats your executable

checking permissions shows root user and root groups owns this object
[root at server root]# ls -al /usr/bin/mozilla
-rwxr-xr-x  1 root root 5955 Nov 15 01:29 /usr/bin/mozilla

to make it unavailable to users do chmod

chmod 770 /usr/bin/mozilla

That should take care of them but it will affect everyone.  This is just
a quick fix.  A more elegant solution would be to create a group called
internet and place users who should be able to access the net in that
group.  Then change the ownership of the mozilla executable to be owned
by the internet group.  Once that is done you can take or give away
internet access by placing users in the internet group.  Hope that


On Thu, 2004-04-22 at 21:20, John P. Conlon wrote:
> We have a Linux lab that is used also as a typing lab.  The typing 
> teacher is having problems with the students using the internet when 
> they are not supposed to.
> 1. Am I right in thinking that if I change the permissions on Mozilla I 
> can make it unavailable to the students?
> 2. If the first question is yes where is the Mozila file located?
> Bye
> Pat
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