[K12OSN] Installation Halt!

Brian Chase networkr0 at cfl.rr.com
Fri Apr 23 03:12:12 UTC 2004

Did you perform media test on ALL FOUR CD's?  That one bit me in the 
butt with the second ISO I downloaded, but found it on second install by 
performing media check on all four CD's.

rogertuanis wrote:

>Hi everybody!
>I have the last version of K12 4.01!
>I have a dedicated computer just to test/install/play with K12! The hard
>disk is a SCSI, just this one installed. I checked the HD with Partition
>Magic AND with the Adaptec utilities to be sure it's fine. Also 128 RAM!
>No error at all! K12 load everything, install the Adaptec host card, see
>even the monitor I have, the CD and the mouse and begin installation.
>I for sure, test the check sum and also check my CD for any errors with the
>Fedora utility!. PASS!
>Everything go straight up until the installation of the openoffice.org-1.1
>0-6. Here is the error message:
>"There are some erro installing openoffice.org.... This can indicate media
>failure ( no way been tested), lack of disk space (no way, it's a 18 gig HD)
>and or harware problems. This is a fatal error and your install will be
>aborted. Please verifi your medai ( I always recheck it ...just incase) .
>and try to install again!"
>I intalled the server option, the desktop option and in both cases it stops
>at the office org package!
>Any clue!
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