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You could just copy a default version of the personal config files into 
every home directory.
something like this at a shell prompt.(not sure about the syntax)

for all dir in /home; do cp -R .soffice /home/'$dir'/; done;

You may need to change ownership of the files too

On Apr 23, 2004, at 8:42 AM, David Trask wrote:

> Terrell,
> Do you know if anyone has produced or hacked the scripts to allow the 
> same
> setup process that OO has in K12LTSP?  I don't want each user to be 
> faced
> with an install thing upon first run....I'd like it to be just like it 
> is
> now with OO....any ideas?  Also do you know if the OO defaults script 
> that
> sets the .doc format as the default in OO also works for Staroffice in
> this case?
> David
> "Support list for opensource software in schools." <k12osn at redhat.com>
> writes:
>> I have done this on several versions of K12LTSP.  It's the same as 
>> doing
>> it with any distro that already has OO.o on it, be it RHL 9, Fedora,
>> Mandrake, Slackware (yes, it's a manual install there, but pretty
>> simple), or otherwise.  StarOffice is worth it, in my opinion, if you
>> need the extra input filters like the WordPerfect or WordStar
>> converters.  Also, if you have a need to go with specifically the 
>> Adabas
>> database, then go w/ StarOffice.  Personally, I find OpenOffice.org 
>> more
>> than sufficient, because I have yet to run into a WordPerfect or
>> WordStar document in a very long time.  StarOffice and OpenOffice.org,
>> in my experience, seem to have the same quality to open MS
>> Word/Excel/PowerPoint files, and this is with embedded Visio diagrams
>> and such.
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