[K12OSN] About printing

Julius Szelagiewicz julius at turtle.com
Fri Apr 23 14:37:27 UTC 2004

On Thu, 22 Apr 2004, John P. Conlon wrote:

> Our typing lab teacher would like to be able to hold documents sent to
> print in the print que until she can check them for extra blank pages.
> To accomplish this she wants to be able to open the documents in the
> print que right there in the print que while logged in as either herself
> or as root.  Is this possible and if so how do I set it up for her.
> This particular teacher is an appliance operator not a computer manipulator.
	this is not a requirement you want to fulfill. Since just about
everything is printed in postscript, you are out of luck, as postscript is
a horrible language to go into and look for stuff (come to think about it,
it just horrible). The only sane way to do it, it to look at the documents
*before* they are being sent to print. julius

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