[K12OSN] CDROM from server

Daniel Loomis dloomis at cox-internet.com
Fri Apr 23 21:10:37 UTC 2004

A fairly simple way to implement a cdrom server can be found in the
archives at Linuxjournal (It is based on the cdserver howto at


CDROMs are copied into a directory as iso files and mounted using the -o
loop.  The article also explains how to set up the volumes using
automount.  A second directory is needed to allow browsing to work with

I followed the procedure fairly closely and it works well for us,
including the automount. 

We use it to run Windows programs in our Sunday School lab which use
WindowsXP computers.  They access the LTSP server via ethernet.  Thin
client terminals can access them as well, but the windows software is a
problem (Wine works on some, but not all).

Dan Loomis
El Dorado, AR

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