[K12OSN] StarOffice

Terrell Prude', Jr. microman at cmosnetworks.com
Fri Apr 23 23:51:41 UTC 2004

That, I haven't yet tried.  I've done it across versions of OO.o, but 
not SO.  Since SO is OO.o with additions, I'd figure it'd be the same.

I just upgraded OO.o to 1.1.1, BTW, and so far, so good.  Here's what I 
did in /usr/bin/ooffice (K12LTSP 3.1.2):

*** BEGIN SNIP ***


*** END SNIP ***

You can see the before and after settings that I made here.  I commented 
out the original OOVERSION and OOHOME settings and made new ones 
pointing to the new version.  In your case, you might want to first try 
changing just the OOVERSION setting.


David Trask wrote:

>Do you know if anyone has produced or hacked the scripts to allow the same
>setup process that OO has in K12LTSP?  I don't want each user to be faced
>with an install thing upon first run....I'd like it to be just like it is
>now with OO....any ideas?  Also do you know if the OO defaults script that
>sets the .doc format as the default in OO also works for Staroffice in
>this case?
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>>I have done this on several versions of K12LTSP.  It's the same as doing 
>>it with any distro that already has OO.o on it, be it RHL 9, Fedora, 
>>Mandrake, Slackware (yes, it's a manual install there, but pretty 
>>simple), or otherwise.  StarOffice is worth it, in my opinion, if you 
>>need the extra input filters like the WordPerfect or WordStar 
>>converters.  Also, if you have a need to go with specifically the Adabas 
>>database, then go w/ StarOffice.  Personally, I find OpenOffice.org more 
>>than sufficient, because I have yet to run into a WordPerfect or 
>>WordStar document in a very long time.  StarOffice and OpenOffice.org, 
>>in my experience, seem to have the same quality to open MS 
>>Word/Excel/PowerPoint files, and this is with embedded Visio diagrams 
>>and such.

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