[K12OSN] easy VPN?

Julius Szelagiewicz julius at turtle.com
Sun Apr 25 14:48:43 UTC 2004

On Sat, 24 Apr 2004 dahopkins at comcast.net wrote:

> Julius,
> Les raises some valid points (he usually does!) in his responses.  I do
> not know how your network is setup.  I have the Netgear units as my
> firewall devices, so NAT isn't an issue for me (not double Nat'ed).  I
> am also not trying to push lots of data across the link. I haven't tried
> Cipe which does look interesting.  Just my personal bent towards using
> hardware devices for this whenever possible since they seem to be a
> little more robust (please no flames, this is just my opinion).
	I think that you are brilliant, since you think the way i do ;-)
my preference is for the dedicated devices - no moving parts, geared to
one task, etc. i've been using lots of Sonicwall stuff with pretty good
success (other than inability to deal with H323 and the need for public
address to do vpn). this time around, the problem is budgetary - if i
don't spend the money on gear, i have a better chance of getting decent
raises for my department. at least you know you are being bothered in a
good cause :-)
thanks, julius

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