[K12OSN] k12wincd version 0.1 released.

Luis Montes luis.montes at cox.net
Sun Apr 25 21:19:11 UTC 2004

Hi everyone,

I started a little project that may be helpful to anyone deploying a 
k12ltsp network in  a school.
Its a CD image with an auto-run program that installs windows versions 
of software that students are likely to be using on linux.
Teachers may wish to make copies of this and send them home with the 
students so they can have their parents install things like 
OpenOffice.org, tuxpaint, and Abiword.

When explaining what LTSP is to other parents, I often get asked what 
programs are available to the students on Linux. Hopefully this CD can 
help answer some questions, generate some interest in open source 
software, and if nothing else, help the students to be able to do their 
lab homework at home.

The website is http://k12wincd.sourceforge.net


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