[K12OSN] Fedora, RedHat and ??

rogertuanis roger at quetuanis.info
Mon Apr 26 15:08:35 UTC 2004

Hi all!

Right now the K12 is available on Fedora and RedHat only. It's a delicate
matter (maybe), but I have to ask these questions:

Will it works AS IT IS on a Mandrake 10.00 linux system? 
Will it works with some modifications on a Mandrake system?
Is there any project at all to make it portable in the future to other linux
system (Mandrake or whatever)??

The reason i asked this is, as hard I tried to install Fedora, I had not
succeeded at all. So I told myself, maybe something is wrong with my machine
(harware comptibility), or something is wrong with me (whatever I do during
the installation). 

So as to clear out my doubts, I gave a shot with Mandrake 9.00. Boum!
Everything installed on the first shot! I am not telling that I will quit on
Fedora! No way! I am going to fight more! I even order an officially
supported RedHat 9.0! Will see later on!

But again, just curious!

Costa Rica

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